Made by medical doctors

TinnitusOFF is application based on newest scientific research made by medical doctors and neuroscientists for relieving the symptoms of tinnitus. The app is user friendly and offers tailored music-notched therapy for iOS, and later Android and PC platform.

The app is a music player with integrated "tailor made notched music therapy" filter for tinnitus.

Reduce the intensity of tinnitus while listening to your favorite music!





TinnitusOFF allows users to reduce symptoms of tinnitus by listening to their favorite music on easy-to-use application.

TinnitusOFF advantages :

  • It is made by medical doctors
  • It improves the quality of life
  • The app is user friendly (Easy-to-use)
  • It reduces symptoms of tinnitus just by listening to your favorite music for an hour every day
  • Users can use it on a bus, while exercising, or doing any of daily chores!



Who is it for?

The app is intended for people of all ages who suffe of tinnitus symptoms. If user is deaf or has symptoms of deafness, TinnitusOFF won’t be useful. Tinnitus is a symptom affecting people in various workplaces or environments such as music industry, war veterans, construction industry, airline industry or just people exposed to frequent stress.