Beta test   

We conducted a tinnitus awareness campaign in February 2016 to collect a bigger sample of tinnitus sufferers that are willing to test TinnitusOFF app. We had 3000 download requests, 1400 of them downloaded the app, 550 actively listening to notched music, and 280 filled our questionnaire survey.

Overall rating of the therapy delivery is excellent - since 95,1% of people answered they would recommend the TinnitusOFF app to another person with tinnitus.

44.4% reporting a better musical experience while listening music using TinnitusOFF application.

Taking into account only users that used the application at least 1 to 3 hours a week (93 users), results were quite amazing:

After only three months of using the application, 70.8% of users reported minimal to huge improvement of their condition

  • 8.6% reported decrease of tinnitus between 30 and 50%
  • 28% reported decrease of tinnitus between 10 and 30%
  • 34.7% reported a slight decrease of tinnitus

A regression analysis based on the answers of the second survey was conducted. We found statistical significance (p=0,002) in correlation between efficacy of the treatment and time spent on listening to Tailor-Made Notched Music Therapy.